Overview of the Linux operating system and its features and the company's plan to shift to open source
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Analysis and design you need of software and integrated systems, Computer maintenance and installation of networks

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The main center    Talkha City  - Dakahlia Governorate 

Production sectors: 050/2526653

Technical sectors:050/2542387     Fax:050/2542385

Financial and Administrative Affairs: 050/2522982


Training sector:  050/2521943 

Themainswitch:  050/2524511

 Sub Center:   Zawyt Ghazal  -  Beheira Governorate

Head office :   Phone  045/3473804   Fax 045/3473783

Production sectors :    Phone& Fax045/3474485 

Technical sector :   Phone& Fax045/3474486

Purchases :   Phone& Fax045/3474490

                 Phone& Fax045/3474491

Nubaria station1&2Phone  045/3661521   Fax  045/3661529

Nubaria station3 :  Phone  045/3661515   Fax  045/3661535

Mahmudiya station :   Phone& Fax  045/2502581

 Atf station Phone& Fax  045/2501996

زيارة السيد المهندس رئيس مجلس الشركة القابضة لكهرباء مصر لمحطة كهرباء بنها


The number of employees of the company in


(6911) factor