A word from the Chairman



Eng : Hamdy Ahmad Abd Elrazek Durgham

There is no doubt, energy consumption in Egypt grows rapidly, and of course the massive increase of population leads to large increase consumption of energy, which reaches to 6.3% annually, this increase needs the available capacities to reach nearly to 47800 m.w by 2021 / 2022.   

 By realizing the importance of Egyptian Electricity Holding Co.  mission towards the community declares in the field of electrical power supply for their users` areas, in accordance with global performance standards under social, environmental, economical determinants and the conditions of cooperation with the electric utility organization system and consumer protection,so EEHCo does its best efforts to develop the capacity of affiliated companies .

 Hence, from this point  comes the role of Middle Delta Production Co. as a base to provide and ensure electricity for Delta Region . Middle Delta Electricity Production Co. is a Joint Stock Company established in accordance with the provision of the laws in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and all corporate stock owned to EEHCo.  The period specified in the company is 50 years, starts from the date recorded 22/5/2007 in the commercial register .

The Geographical Zone of the company includes Daquahlia governerate, Qualiobia governerate till the limits of The Geographical Zone of Great Egypt, Mahmoudia town, Kom Hamamda at Al Behaira Governerate. 


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