brorollos project

Borolloscombined cycle power plant project with a  total capacity of  4800 M.W-among three giant electrical projects - is one of valuable results of Sharm El Shaikheconomic conference (March 2015)

Middle Delta Electricity Production Co. follows up this project in favour of Egyptian Electricity Holding Co

The Project Contractor : Consortium of  SIEMENS & ORASCOM

The project area:  250 feddan on the coast of the Mediterranean sea  - bridle of Bar Bahary village – Borolloscenter – Kafr El ShaikhGovernorate

The power plantcomprises of :

    Four modules Combined cycle2 ×1- multi shaft of

  • eight  gas units manufactured by SIEMENS  "SGT – 8000 H type " with capacity of  400 M.W  / unit
  •  four  steam units manufactured by  SIEMENS  "SST5 – 5000 H type" with capacity of 400 M.W  / unit
  •  eight Heat Recovery Steam Generators manufactured by NEM"Benson Type"
  • Twelve Generators manufactured by  SIEMENS  "SGen5 – 2000 H type" 22K.V
  • Balance Of Plant    BOP

                     SF6 Gas Insulated Switch Yard (GIS) 500 k.v

 The produced  electricity form the plant is being evacuated  onto the unified  national grid(UNG) through  6 voltage circuits (500 k.v) ; 2 for Samanoud , 2 for Etay AL Baroud , and 2 for Abu AL Matameer



زيارة السيد المهندس رئيس مجلس الشركة القابضة لكهرباء مصر لمحطة كهرباء بنها