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Information system


The work of public Department information systems

  • Maintenance (700) computers and accessories to the company's various sectors.
  • Establishing Internal networking between different departments and follow-up maintenance and connect them to the Internet.
  • Supervise application Amblissma program in generating stations in the company.
  • Maintenance (255) printers and Fill Laser and liquid cartridges to the company's various sectors.
  • Training of employees of the company to periodically courses :-

Windows – WinWord - Excel – Access – AutoCAD  - LINUX

  • Completion of the program design (salaries and personnel affairs - personal Testament - Legal Affairs - training  Medical Commission) and provide them with technical support.
  • Currently under implementation of (2) programs (purchases - medical management).
  • Fixed crashes (195) telephone and lines specialized for the company's various sectors with the installation of telephone networks and extend lines necessary for them.
  • Activate the Document Management System.
  • Preparation of Documentaries about stations establishment of projects (Station Project Banha).
  • Design and Develop company website on the Internet.