Inspection & Quality Control Sector



Sector`s  Vision:

Upgrading and excellence of Total Quality Standards in all fields (technical,financial, managerial)  andregional, pioneering of the company in the production of electricity.

Sector`s  Mission:

Creativity and innovation, rationalization of spending, and increasing  the  supposed  lifetime of  the components.

Raising the efficiency of work, developing its system, and improving its performance.

Compliance with laws and legislations that adjusting work (labor)

Reducing waste and pollution control.

Improving  the management performance ratios, by analyzing data to determine the points of strength and increases them and also to put solutions for the points of weakness.

Date of Establishment:

The sector established in 2001 at East Delta Electricity Production Company, and affiliated with Middle Delta Electricity Production Company in 2006


Sector`s Structure:

The sector consists of two general managements:

General Management of Technical Inspection & Quality Control consists of:

The  Management of Steam & Gas Turbines equipment  Inspection.

The Management  of Steam Boilers & Heat Recovery Steam Generator Equipment Inspection.

The Management of Protection &Elecrical Equipment Inspection.

The Management of Devices Inspection & Control.

The Management of Safety& Occupational Health Inspection.

The Management of Chemistry Inspection.

The Management of Environmental Affairs Inspection.

General Management of Managerial & Financial Control consists of:

The Management of Financial Affairs.

The Management of Managerial Affairs.

The Management of Procurements.

The Management of Warehouse.

The Management of Transport.



Sector`s  work:

The sector inspects on  stations& sectors of the company through:

An annual  scheduled inspection program is departed all over the year to inspect on the stations and sectors of the company and is approved from The Chairman at the beginning of each year and is distributed on the stations and sectors of the company.

In case of delivering  information about any faults or troubles at  the  stations or sectors of the company, The sector makes a sudden inspection (not scheduled) on and by the instructions of The Chairman. 

The sector prepares detailed reports about:

The inspection observations  on the stations and sectors of the company  and how to avoid the negative inspection observations applying  total quality rules to increase the stations`  efficiency and work system discipline;  the sector delivers a copy of this report  for The Chairman and another one for the authorized  Head sector for replying, after that the inspection sector comments on the station replies for reaching for optimal solutions. 

The sector prepares monthly  detailed reports for The Chairman about:

Consumption Levels of carbon brushes at stations

Follow up the fuel oil region atTalkha Steam Power Station  2 × 210 m.w.

Follow up the calibrating of selling power counters with the transport companies.

Follow up the preparing of MPIS documents for stations` auxiliaries, and approving these documents  from Developing   System of Quality Control & Maintenance Procedures Sector at Egyptian Electricity Holding Co.

Training Courses & monthly Courses that are taken at the Egyptian Quality Assembly in Cairo.

C.Monthly Report ofCompany High Technical Committee,includes the most important  Technical, Managerial, and  Financial Inspection Observations that are repeated during the previous inspection to discuss and find ways to solve them, also the most important observations on carbon brushes, fuel oil region, and calibrating of power centersion, and calibrating of power centers

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