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Studies ,researches ,and developing projects sector`s mission:


The sector`s mission puts planes and programs to develop the field of electricity generation as a  main activity of the company and to perform  the required improvements by preparing studies, researches, and presenting the technical consultancies for its subsidiaries power plantsin the course of:

Putting the technical specifications for the equipment that are installed in the power plants to be in accordance with the standard specifications.


Raising the  power plants` efficiency,and solving the problems of  operation & maintenance.


Follow-up  the implementation of new projects atthe company.


Follow up  what is internationally recent in the field of power plants and presenting the technical support during inspections periods  and maintenance


The sector prepares the studies and researches that have its direct effect on the electricity generation power plants and the resulted recommendations to take them for finding  logic solutions ,also the sector makes accurate  researches and field studies to get effective & applicable results .So that  the sector offers the various  recent  curriculums, tools and appropriate means of data collection and information ,then analyses the extracted results to serve this purpose ; all these careers are fulfilled by a group of qualified & experienced engineers ,who  acquired their experience & qualification from working before at sites of the company. 



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