Atf Station


EL AtfCombined Cycle Power Plant :

  EL Atf750 M.W Combined Cycle Power Plant

The Manufacturer Company : MITSUBISHI (Japan) , ANSALDO (Italy)

    Commercial Operation :

Commercial Operation for the first Gas Unit on 31st  of August 2009

Commercial Operation for the second Gas Unit on 6th of September 2009

Commercial Operation for the combined cycle on on 6th of September 2010

Technical Specifications :

  The plant comprises of :

1 combined module

2 Gas units with capacity of  250M.W / unit

1 Steam unit with capacity of 250M.W / unit

Total Capacity is 750 M.W

 Used Fuel : (Natural Gas / Oil Fuel) 

This power plant is driven mainly by Natural Gas .Oil Fuel is used as an alternate fuel and the total efficiency for each unit reaches to 54.1 %