Talkha gas station


TalkhaGas Power Station 

Talkha 236 M.WGas Combined Cycle PowerPlant

The Manufacturer Company : GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE), HENERY FOGT

The Executor Company:GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE) , HASSAN ALLAM Sons , SADELME (Italy)

Commercial Operation :

  Commercial Operation for Gas Units from 1: 6  on25thof December1979

       Commercial Operation for 7&8 Gas Units on 1st of March1980

       Commercial Operation for the combined cycles on 13th of July1989

Technical Specifications :


   The plant comprises of :

   8 Gas units with capacity of 19.5 M.W / unit

   2 Steam unit with capacity of 40M.W / unit

   Total Capacity is 236 M.W

   Used Fuel : (Natural Gas / Oil Fuel)